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President Wu mingjie

  • The building of moral education in Hangzhou is a boarding school which consists of more than 1000 students and more than 70 teaching staff. The school was founded in 1992, is the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Education approved by the University of foreign students qualified private schools. School environment is beautiful, advanced teaching facilities, there are independent Muslim restaurants, hotel-style dormitory, basketball court, football and plastic runway and other places of activity.
  • The international Department of the School has formed the standard curriculum system in the foreign student education and teaching management, invasive Chinese teaching, family management services and personalized guidance, such as the country's Confucius Institute Headquarters "Chinese Examination (HSK, BCT, YCT) test Center", "Chinese International promotion of secondary school base." 26 years has been to Zhejiang University and other domestic universities and other colleges and universities to transport more than 10,000 domestic and foreign graduates, the college entrance examination rate of more than 98%.
  • The school is located in the world famous historical and cultural city, known as the Paradise Heaven reputation of Hangzhou, where the 2016 group of 20 Leaders Summit, 2018 World Short Swimming championships, 2022 Asian Games. Hangzhou is also one of China's important e-commerce centers, the famous Alibaba Group headquarters is located here. Alibaba Chairman Ma Yun September 10, 1964 was born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, 1988 graduated from Hangzhou Normal University foreign language department, founded in 1999 Alibaba, and as Ali Group CEO, Chairman of the board.

  • Jiande Yucai School welcomes students from all over the school to study!
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